Representative in Congress
jack alan brown jr. photo
Jack Alan
Brown, Jr.


Occupation: President, Family Enterprises Ltd; automotive technician, with Auto Doc

Occupational Background: Saw filer

Educational Background: New Hope Christian School; Prairie Bible Institute

Prior Governmental Experience: Vice-Chairman, Constitution Party of Oregon

Like the way things are? Vote for another Republicrat.

Tired of the Constitution being ignored by those who swear to uphold it?

Tired of the failed politics of tax and spend?

Tired of just getting lip service to the moral foundations of society?

Elect a God-fearing, Constitution-honoring, traditional-family man!

Jack believes government exists to protect our unalienable right to life, liberty, and property enumerated in our national birth certificate: the Declaration of Independence.

Jack will take his oath of office seriously, defending our entire Constitution and Bill of Rights, including Article X guaranteeing state sovereignty.

Jack will vote only for legislation he has read, that our country can afford, and that establishes or maintains a program authorized by a direct grant of authority in the Constitution. He will vote to repeal unconstitutional laws currently on the books, and to rein in judicial tyrants (by limiting their appellate jurisdiction) and a runaway executive branch.

Jack advocates protecting our borders AND keeping our nose out of other nations' business, too. No Amnesty! No undeclared wars! GET US OUT!

Jack advocates abolishing the federal income tax and returning to tariffs to fund government while protecting our domestic businesses, with the balance of federal funding coming from excise taxes and a levy apportioned among the states as provided by the Constitution.

Jack supports parental rights and educational choice. Jack supports free enterprise, deregulation of cottage industries and adoption of right-to-work legislation. Jack supports only environmental policies recognizing property rights and human needs.

Jack advocates restitution to crime victims, instead of making crime a source of revenue for the government and big business, and elimination of victimless crimes: Repeal seat belt and helmet laws!

Jack says, "Boycott slave-labor produced goods and don't export our jobs!"

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(This information furnished by Jack Brown for Congress Committee.)