United States President
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Occupation: Computer Software Engineer

Occupational Background: Trainer, Administrator, Software Engineer

Educational Background: Indiana University, 1972-77. Majors in Marine Biology and Chemistry.

Prior Governmental Experience: Candidate for Texas legislature, 2000 and 2002.


Republicans say they support fiscal responsibility. But since George Bush took office, government has grown at a faster rate than under Bill Clinton – even if you factor out wartime spending. Our nation is deeper in debt than it has ever been, jeopardizing the quality of our childrens' future.

President Bush has yet to veto a single discretionary spending bill. Although he worked to cut taxes a little, he didn't match tax cuts with cuts in spending. The resulting debt represents nothing more than deferred taxation – so what did we gain?

For years, Republicans said they couldn't control spending because they had a Democratic Congress or White House to deal with. Now, they have no excuses. The current credit card spending spree has happened under a Republican president, and a Republican congress. Is that what fiscal responsibility means to you?

Republicans and Democrats alike have failed to protect our personal liberties. They have supported the USA Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and other laws that erode our personal freedoms. Everyone agrees that terrorism cannot be tolerated. But if terrorists cause us to surrender our personal freedoms in the name of security, terrorists win.

As soon as we can do so responsibly, we need to get our troops out of Iraq. Our armed forces should concern themselves with protecting America.

If you've had enough, consider voting for me. I will actively promote initiatives, legislation and policies that will actually shrink the size of government dramatically - letting you to keep the money you earn and preventing government from violating your rights or meddling in your personal decisions.

John Day – Oct. 17th
Bend – Oct. 18th
Salem/Portland – Oct. 19th
Call 1-800-829-1992

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