Political Party Statements

What is the Working Families Party?

The one thing all working families have in common is anxiety about today’s economy. The Working Families Party is the only political party in Oregon that really gets it.

We’re about improving the economy for working people.

This is our number-one, number-two, and number-three priority. We fight for new jobs, living wages, workers’ rights, better education, affordable health care for everyone, and a government that listens to working families, not huge corporations or other high-powered special interests.

How do we make sure that politicians listen to us?

We research the records of all candidates running for office in Oregon -- Democrats, Republicans or independents. Then we support the ones with a record of standing up for the bread and butter economic issues that really matter to working- and middleclass families.

What does it mean when you see “WFP” next to a candidate’s name?

It means you know that they have our seal of approval -- and you can vote for them with the confidence that they will do the best job of fighting for working people.

Now let’s get specific. Here are just a few of the economic issues we’re fighting for this year:

  • Good Jobs for a Sustainable Economy: The WFP believes that companies that pay poverty wages or outsource jobs shouldn’t get taxpayer money, period. We support investing in sustainable jobs in Oregon that actually pay enough to live on and strengthen families, communities and our environment.

  • A Bank of Oregon: Why should Oregonians’ money have to go to big Wall Street banks that just crashed the whole U.S. economy, when we could keep it here and use it to help put our economy back on track? Modeled after the highly successful, 91-year-old Bank of North Dakota, the Oregon State Bank would partner with community banks to lend to Oregon small businesses and farmers, creating much needed jobs.

  • Fair Trade for Good Jobs: We must renegotiate job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA, which benefit big corporations while sending our jobs overseas and harming our environment. We Support the “TRADE” Act, a bill in Congress that would require any future U.S. trade agreements to create good, long-term jobs here at home.

  • Universal Disability Insurance: For most Oregonians, an injury or illness means losing your job, or even your home. We support a new statewide disability insurance program that would partially replace wages for people who are unable to work due to illness or off the job injury.

  • Education without Debt: College students have been forced to take on unbelievable amounts of debt to pay for school. We support the Oregon Opportunity Grant program, which gives working students the chance to graduate debt-free.

  • Healthcare for All: America’s health care system is designed to enrich big insurance and pharmaceutical companies by charging consumers too much for too little care. We support public healthcare for every American with a focus on preventative medicine.

  • Right to Organize: By organizing unions, American workers won the weekend, good wages, overtime pay, health care and pensions. Unions helped create the American middle class. But today, workers are losing their rights, and the middle class is shrinking. We believe any workers who want to should be able to organize a union without intimidation or coercion.

We’re building our Party from the ground up. Voting for WFP-nominated candidates not only sends a message that these issues are important, it helps us build an organization that can truly represent working people in Oregon politics. Join us as we fight for an economy that works for working families. Learn more and sign up at http://oregonwfp.org.

(This information furnished by Working Families Party of Oregon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722