State Representative

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Democrat (DEM)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: Attorney.

    Occupational Background: Attorney.

    Educational Background: Bachelor and Law Degrees, University of Washington.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    Keeping Oregon’s Promise

    Every Oregonian shares in something special: Oregon’s Promise. It’s the promise of good jobs, good schools, and a great quality of life. And Will Rasmussen is running for the Legislature to Keep Oregon’s Promise to us and to future generations.

    The promise of good jobs

    Will Rasmussen supports tax incentives for companies that hire recently unemployed Oregonians and less red tape so for small business so they can start hiring again. He’ll also support investments in Oregon companies that create local jobs.

    “Will Rasmussen’s economic plan will help Oregon’s economy get back on track.”
    Ryan Deckert, President, Oregon Business Association

    The promise of a good education

    Will Rasmussen will vote to expand early childhood education, reduce class sizes, and provide vocational and technical training so students are prepared for college or directly for a career. He’ll also sponsor legislation to end the tuition hikes that are pricing Oregon families out of higher education.

    “I’m voting for Will Rasmussen because of his commitment to quality education from the early grades through college”
    Michele W. Allbright, 2009 Edward Byrom Elementary Teacher of the Year.

    The promise of a great quality of life

    Will Rasmussen will support laws to protect our farms, forestlands, and coast from urban sprawl and overdevelopment. That’s why the Oregon League of Conservation Voters has endorsed him.

    The promise of government that works

    Will Rasmussen supports a legislative salary pay freeze until unemployment returns to pre-recession levels. He’ll also vote for more audits of state agencies to reduce waste and inefficiency and laws to reduce contractor fraud, and cost overruns.

    We’re supporting Will Rasmussen!

    US Senator Ron Wyden
    Stand for Children
    Independent Party of Oregon
    Oregon Business Association
    Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
    Oregon League of Conservation Voters
    Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
    Tualatin Valley Fire fighters Union


    (This information furnished by Will Rasmussen.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722