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Libertarian (LBT)

  • Occupation: Systems Administrator, FIS

    Occupational Background: 10+ years in I.T.

    Educational Background: B.A.S. Systems Analysis, Miami University 1998; M.B.A, Portland State University 2005

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    All human relationships that are not consensual are unethical and immoral.

    As a society we have strayed very far down a path of utilizing the tools of government for purposes beyond that which they were intended.

    As your Governor I would do everything within the power of the office entrusted to me to end this abuse, stymie people who are using the system for profit and exploitation, and educate everyone who I meet what the proper role of government is.

    I would be willing and able to use the line item veto pen to obliterate wasteful spending and insider deals in a manner that anyone from the Democratic or Republican parties would never dare because they are beholden to the people who fund them.

    Oregon needs a third-party governor to shake up the existing system of abuse, corruption and cronyism and protect the rights and equality of all people.

    I am asking you to make a very difficult moral choice. To set aside this dangerous institution that has made you many false promises, recognize the existing two ruling parties as the con artists that they are, admit that they failed to deliver, and have squandered our inheritance of an equitable society.

    Once you have made that difficult realization, that we have been conned and that this system is a lie and a waste, promised us equality but left us with a ruling class instead, choose to never vote for them again.

    Stop the Parasites; End the Abuse; Bring Home The Troops;

    Cure Oregon!


    Call This Number: 503.719.8544 for More

    (This information furnished by Wes Wagner For Governor.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722