State Representative

Tyler Hill photo


Republican (REP)

Occupation: Restaurant Supply Sales, Bar-Tur Foods

Occupational Background: Technical Recruiting/Sales, Aerotek; Golf Operations Management, American Golf Corporation.

Educational Background: BS Political Science, Portland State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: 2009 Legislative Intern; Volunteered for the Deputy Minority Leader in the Oregon State Legislature during the 2009 Legislative Session

A Vote for Tyler Hill is a command to Oregon’s Legislature to put Oregon’s economy and education first

Creating Jobs
With Oregon families and businesses struggling, we must make creating jobs our #1 priority. Tyler supports policies that: reign in government spending and reduce bureaucracy, limit government regulations on businesses, provide incentives to local businesses that invest in Oregon and create jobs, create an environment that welcomes out of state commerce, and give local governments decision-making authority

Quality Schools
For too long Oregon’s legislature has been using our kids to hold taxpayers hostage by systematically taking money from our school systems and giving it to their favorite programs and forcing school districts to cut their budgets. We have a responsibility to ensure that the next generation has the education needed to lead this state into a prosperous future. Tyler will make school funding his top priority in the state budget.

Make Government Transparent
Oregonians must have easy access to information about how much of their income they are paying in taxes and fees, as well as how their money is being spent. Tyler will demand that state agencies participate in outside performance audits, cut wasteful spending and operate more efficiently.

Making Health Care Affordable
Increasing access to health care and lowering their costs are critical. Tyler believes out-of-pocket health care expenses should be tax deductible and health care decisions should be made by patients and doctors. As your State Representative, Tyler will support policies that create accountability in the system and will make affordable health care a priority.


Let’s create jobs and a thriving economy for Oregon!

(This information furnished by Friends of Tyler Hill.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722