State Representative

Suzanne VanOrman photo


Democrat (DEM)
Working Families (WFP)

Occupation: State Representative.

Occupational Background: Executive Director, Mid- Columbia Children’s Council; Head Start Administrator; Teacher.

Educational Background: University of Oregon, B.A.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon City Commission President; South Fork Water Board; Tri-Cities Services Budget Committee.

Suzanne VanOrman

Focused on Protecting Oregonians
A mother who raised two teenage sons alone, Suzanne VanOrman knows what it’s like to struggle. In this economic crisis, she’s been saddened to see too many politicians put partisanship ahead of people.

  • Standing up to members of her own party to oppose efforts to repeal the personal kicker.
  • Fighting for state police coverage on our roads 24/7 and tough new laws cracking down on sexual predators.
  • Making tough choices and voting to cut government spending by $2 billion dollars to balance the budget.

Focused on Our Children
For 22 years Suzanne led the Mid-Columbia Children’s Council, providing access to Head Start to hundreds of local families. Because of her background, Suzanne understands the value of a good education.

  • Securing funding for K-12 and expanding healthcare for 80,000 children.
  • Pushing through $9.7 million in additional Oregon Opportunity Grants for college students.
  • Protecting funding for Early Head Start Programs.

Focused on Getting Oregon Working
Suzanne understands that many Oregonians are hurting. Too many people are out of work and too many families have lost their homes.

  • Establishing BOOST fund to give loans and grants to help small businesses that create new jobs and hire Oregonians.
  • Pushing to audit every state agency to root out waste and inefficiency.
  • Fighting for over $10 million in transportation funds for Hood River and $8 million for Clackamas County.

Oregon Nurses Association
The Oregon Education Association
Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership
Stand For Children
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council


(This information furnished by Vote VanOrman.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722