State Representative

Sandra A Abercrombie photo
Sandra A

Republican (REP)

Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Computer programming with an emphasis in database design. Last position held: GS13 Information Engineer with the USDA Forest Service in Washington, DC.

Educational Background: BS, Math, University of Oregon, 1974; North Bend High School, 1962

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Elect Sandy Abercrombie

Sandy is a proud parent and grandparent, math coach and is very active in her community with civic and political organizations; but most importantly, she is a team player.

Throughout her career with the USDA Forest Service she worked on many projects including assembling the first in-house publication of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements for the Silver Fire Recovery Project 23 years ago. For several years she was on the team that designed a database to support budget and finance operations. She values a collaborative work environment and will work with other legislators to make sure the values and needs of Southern Oregon are represented well in Salem.

Public Safety: Sandy supports fully funding our State Police.

Family: Sandy will fight to protect our constitution and to preserve family values in Oregon.

Protect Public Education from Cuts: Sandy will always fund education first. Like you, she is tired of seeing education held hostage to tax increases and shielded from accountability. Sandy will drive education dollars into the classroom.

Encourage Small Business: Government needs to find a way to get to “yes” more often so that Oregonians can get back to work. Sandy believes low taxes and less regulation will promote economic growth and that a vital network of small businesses will keep Oregon strong.

Healthcare: Sandy believes that common sense and not government bureaucracy should guide decisions on health care for Oregonians. She supports allowing every Oregonian to deduct health care costs from their taxes.

Land Use: Sandy will promote local control of our land.

Let’s get together and send Sandy to Salem.


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(This information furnished by Sandra A. Abercrombie.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722