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Rodney E Orr photo
Rodney E

Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: Family practice physician.

    Occupational Background: Family Medical Group of Silverton, 1979-present.

    Educational Background: BA, Western Washington University; Medical training at OHSU; Family practice residency at Northern Colorado Medical Center.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None.

    It’s time to call the doctor

    After decades of ignoring the needs of rural Oregon and leading us into the worst recession in recent memory, one thing is clear: The current crop of career politicians in Salem has failed.

    Dr. Rodney Orr is a doctor, not a politician. And he’s just who we need to start putting our economy -- and our future -- back together again.

    Getting people back to work

    Dr. Rodney Orr will make getting people back to work his top priority. He supports ending tax breaks for companies that failed to create or maintain jobs in Oregon. Dr. Orr will also vote for tax breaks to companies that hire recently unemployed Oregonians and support cutting red tape for small business so they can start hiring again.

    “Dr. Orr’s plan for the economy will give Oregon’s small towns the help we need.”
    G. Victor Madge, Architect.

    Cutting government waste

    With the state facing a $2 billion dollar budget deficit, government must tighten its belt just like families do. Dr. Rodney Orr supports audits of state agencies and contractors to reduce waste and inefficiency. He will reduce fraud, favoritism, cost overruns, and will protect whistleblowers.

    Helping family farms

    If we elect Dr. Rodney Orr, we’ll have a strong champion for family farms in the Legislature. He’ll make sure our concerns don’t get lost in the shuffle of dealing with the needs of urban regions.

    “I’ve known Rod for 35 years. I know I can count on him to be the family farmer’s voice in the Capitol.”
    Chuck White, White Christmas Tree Farm and Nursery

    We’re supporting Dr. Rodney Orr!

    Mike Stewart, Silver Creek Animal Clinic
    Jim Gilbert, Northwoods Nursery
    Rick Mallorie
    Elizabeth Blount, MD
    The Mother PAC

    (This information furnished by Rodney E. Orr.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722