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Michael P

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Criminal Justice Educator

    Occupational Background: 36 years in Law Enforcement

    Educational Background: BA, Criminal Justice

    Prior Governmental Experience: US Army, Police Officer, DEA Special Agent

    Michael Spasaro ~ Caring Neighbor

    Michael listens. Michael is an involved parent of four, a longtime community volunteer, and serves on the Board of the Linn County Commission on Children and Families. He has been listening to his neighbors and community, and understands what needs to be done. His priorities when elected are simple:

    • Jobs and the Economy - Private Industry creates jobs, not the government. We must create an environment that will attract new business, generate jobs that will boost our state's revenue; allowing us to pay for our core functions without raising taxes.

    • Reduce the Size of Government - Michael will protect vital services while cutting unnecessary expenses and programs, funding essential items with existing resources only. No new taxes! Less Government!

    • Education & Public Safety -His First Priority: Current taxation is more than adequate to support both sectors. It is time to hold Salem accountable. Cuts can be made, but never at the expense of Education and Public Safety.

    • Common Sense & Accountability: A common sense test must be applied to the budget, laws & regulations. Our State's problem is not a lack of money; it's how we have been spending it.

    "Our founding fathers envisioned citizen legislators, not career politicians. We have deviated so far from this vision, is it any wonder our government has become so dysfunctional?

    Decades of electing politicians rather than actual representatives of the people have silenced Oregonians, who are governed by out of touch politicians.

    I am not a politician, I am your neighbor, and I promise to be your voice in Salem. I am not beholden to any politician or special interest group. My only allegiance is to you, our children, and future generations." - Michael Spasaro

    Michael Spasaro for State Senate

    (This information furnished by Friends of Michael Spasaro.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722