State Senator

Marilyn Kittelman photo

Republican (REP)
Independent (IND)
Constitution (CON)

  • Occupation: Newspaper Publisher; Owner, Old West Training Center

    Occupational Background: County Commissioner; Cutting Horse Trainer; Employment Counselor, Director Energy Crisis Center

    Educational Background: OSU-Equine Reproduction; Texas A&M-Equine Ultrasound; Arizona State University; Central Oregon and Umpqua Community Colleges; Graduate Roseburg High

    Prior Governmental Experience: Douglas County Commissioner; National Association of Counties, Finance- Intergovernmental Affairs Committee; Association Oregon Counties, Water Subcommittee; Jefferson Behavioral Health, Board Member; Douglas Soil & Water Conservation District, Associate Member; Douglas County Planning Commission, Vice-Chair; Elk Creek Watershed Council, Vice-President

    Family Background: Fifth Generation Oregonian; Married 22 years; Three Children

    Community Involvement: Judge, NCHA; C. Giles Hunt Charitable Trust; Oregon Family Farms Board; Hope Pregnancy Center

    Proud Member: Drain Church of Christ; Sunnydale Grange; Oregon Firearms Federation; NRA; Oregon Hunters Association; Roseburg Rod & Gun Club

    Hippies and Rednecks Unite!

    Across party lines, age, income, and geographic boundaries, our common desire is to be free to live our lives. We have a bloated, arrogant, oversized government who's forgotten who they serve.

    "Don't expect solutions from those who presided over our decline. Professional politicians can't possibly have the solution, they created the problems."


    With the highest personal income tax and highest minimum corporate tax rate in the nation Oregon businesses are fleeing the state. Reducing regulations and taxes will attract new business and encourage existing businesses to expand.

    "I signed the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' promising to vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes."


    "My opponent co-authored HB 3508 releasing dangerous criminals 30% early. This reckless program installed revolving doors in our prisons. Let's stop making criminals of honest people and crack down on crime."


    National Federation of Independent Business/Oregon; National Rifle Association Inc.; Oregon Firearms Federation PAC; Oregon Right to Life PAC; Libertarian Party of Oregon; Russ Walker, Oregon FreedomWorks; Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC; Oregonians for Immigration Reform; Roger Beyer, AGPAC Chairman; CommonSense for Oregon PAC; Oregonians in Action PAC; Oregon Family Farm Association PAC


    (This information furnished by Marilyn Kittelman.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722