Representative in Congress

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Joyce B

Democrat (DEM)

  • Occupation: Author

    Occupational Background: Small business owner for 19 years

    Educational Background: B.A. Sociology, The City College of New York; Masters Work Communications, The University of Central Florida

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    Putting Oregon First
    Joyce Segers, campaigning to be our congresswoman, is a former medical professional who would ably replace the faulty representation of our current congressman, an incumbent with more ties now to Washington, D.C. than central Oregon.

    “Hard working Oregonians should not be struggling to make ends meet. We need a representative whose only priority is to help the people of Oregon.”The Bend Bulletin 6/20/2010

    Creating New Jobs
    As a successful small business owner for 19 years, Joyce treated her employees with respect, paid them a living wage, and provided them with health care.

    Joyce believes we need to invest in Oregon’s future by working with business owners and local communities to create jobs. We need a representative who will bring the people of the 2nd District together to create solutions to the problems we are facing.

    Renewable energy and green jobs have the potential to create high paying, non-exportable jobs in the 2nd District. We need to invest in these technologies through smart policymaking and incentives.

    Taking Care of Our Veterans
    “My husband and son both served in the military. I will fight to ensure that every veteran has access to health care and services when they return from duty. Attention must also be paid to the military families who bear the stress of unknown numbers of deployments coupled with a minimal amount of support.” – Joyce Segers

    Investing in Education
    Education is the key to a brighter and stronger future. Joyce will fight to make college more affordable and work with educators to implement education models with proven success in our K-12 system.

    “A strong education system is the backbone of a strong economy.” -Joyce Segers

    (This information furnished by Joyce B. Segers.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722