State Representative

Hugo Schulz photo

Republican (REP)

  • Occupation: Professional Musician

    Occupational Background: Strategic Materials Manager, Intel Corporation; Music Teacher; Co-Owner, Wilmette Decorating, Wilmette, Illinois.

    Educational Background: Bachelor of Music Education, Chicago Conservatory College; Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, PCC; M.B.A., Marylhurst University.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person.

    It’s going to take a musician to bring harmony to Salem.

    But, it’s also going to take a numbers cruncher to get spending under control.

    Hugo trusts Oregonians. If allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money, they will create and grow businesses that provide jobs. Oregonians will help their neighbors in need because voluntary giving is what creates the real bonds of community. We need less ‘gov’ and more ‘love’.

    Education — Stop holding our teachers hostage in order to extort more taxes from Oregonians - Fund education first. Respect diversity by letting parents choose the best school for their children whether public, charter, on-line, private or home-based.

    Environment — Reclaim the millions of acres of federal lands (53.1% of the state) so Oregon can control its environmental and resource destiny.

    State spending — A runaway train in desperate need of a brakeman. State spending has increased an average of nearly 10% over each of the last 4 years. Have you seen your salary go up by that much? Hugo will be that brakeman so we can ALL catch up to the train.

    “Hugo Schulz will stand out as a champion for taxpayers in stark contrast to those Salem legislators beholden to special interests.” Jason Williams, State Director, Taxpayers Association of Oregon

    Small business owner, employee of small and large companies, teacher and creative artist, Hugo has had the real-world experience to solve Oregon’s problems so the people of Oregon will once more FLOURISH.

    Please explore www.Hugo4Oregon.com to find out Hugo’s principles and positions on specific issues such as re-legalizing Oregon-grown hemp for food, fuel, fiber and medicine.

    (This information furnished by Friends of Hugo Schulz.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722