State Representative

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Republican (REP)

Occupation: State Representative

Occupational Background: Colonel, USAF; served in the Pentagon on Air Force staff and in Office of Secretary of Defense; served in command, leadership, staff, and diplomatic positions in Vietnam, Germany, and Yugoslavia

Educational Background: MA in International Affairs, University of Arkansas; BA in Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Prior Governmental Experience: State legislator since 2003 - Vice Chair of Judiciary & Education Committees; Ways & Means Committee, Education & Public Safety subcommittees; Consumer Protection & Government Accountability Committee; former Republican whip and deputy whip; State Commission on Children & Families member; Education Commission of the States commissioner; former chair of the Deschutes County Commission on Children & Families and Deschutes County Republican Party

Community Service: Homeless Leadership Council; military veteran organizations; Sunriver Board of Directors; Sunriver Christian Fellowship Church; former youth sports coach and PTA officer

Family: Married to Josie Coffey, 4th generation Oregonian. Son, Todd; his wife, Melissa; and grandson, Colby live in NC.

Gene Whisnant
Common Sense Leadership with Honesty and Integrity

I advocate for seniors, families and all constituents. I believe our students deserve a quality education. I support Oregon’s natural resource industries and protection of our environment.

I believe in:

Individual freedoms and a free market economy;
Effective, accountable, and frugal state government;
Protecting the rights of property owners;
Lower taxes, job creation and economic development to
ensure stable funding for our education system;
provide care for seniors, military veterans and vulnerable citizens;
expand public safety programs to fight meth, hold criminals accountable;
address illegal immigration; and lock-up sexual predators.

I have a record of passing bi-partisan legislation resulting from my legislative experience and professional relationships with all members. I am proud to be an architect of Oregon’s “rainy day” fund and “taxpayers’ transparency” website.

Oregonians deserve leadership which will protect the interests of our citizens and taxpayers.

Sincerely, honestly, and with respect -- Gene Whisnant

(This information furnished by Gene Whisnant.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722