Representative in Congress

Earl Blumenauer photo

Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: U.S. Congressman

Occupational Background: Public Administrator

Educational Background: Lewis & Clark College, B.A. Northwestern School of Law, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Legislature; Portland Community College Board; Multnomah County Commissioner; Portland City Commissioner; U.S. Congressman

Earl Blumenauer
Local Results ~ National Leadership

Dear Friends,

In today’s unprecedented times, I am doing everything in my power to create more jobs and put Oregonians back to work.

Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses make up 97 percent of Oregon’s businesses and provide half of our jobs. Small business owners are our state’s innovators and job creators. I’ll work hard for solutions that help Oregon’s small businesses succeed creating real jobs rather than reward oil companies with massive subsidies they no longer need or deserve.

Rebuilding and Renewing America

I’ll continue to fight for legislation to rebuild and renew America. Fixing failing bridges and roads will create family wage jobs and strengthen our communities.

Our New Energy Future

We have the opportunity to be a leader in the next great world economy – clean energy. If Oregon invests in wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy, we’ll create highly sought after technology jobs and position ourselves as a major provider of clean energy expertise in the global market.

Accountability and Fairness

Recently, the President signed the most comprehensive financial reform bill in decades but our work is far from done. When wealthy CEO’s pay at a lower tax rate than their secretaries, that’s not right. I’ll continue to push for accountability on Wall Street and a more fair tax system.

The federal government must do more to support small businesses and create jobs, eliminate waste, pay down the debt and extract more value out of services and programs. Tough decisions need to be made for our future. I’m asking to be your voice in Washington. I’ll tackle these challenges head on.


Earl Blumenauer


(This information furnished by Earl Blumenauer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722