State Representative

Diane Schendel photo

Republican (REP)

Occupation: Recreation Service Representative, Portland Parks and Recreation; Volunteer coordinator (non-profit athletic organization)

Occupational Background: Home school instructor, Office management, Accounting

Educational Background: Portland Community College; Portland Public Schools

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person

Common sense has left the Capitol building in Salem. Spending has increased 46% in the past two budgets, from $41 billion to $60 billion. We must prioritize spending and fund core services first. Stop holding schools and public safety hostage!

Diane will focus on solutions to create jobs:

  • Cut taxes and fees on small businesses.
  • Make Oregon an oasis for business which translates to jobs and increased tax revenue.

“Diane understands that small business owners are the backbone of our economy.” Jim Bye, local small business owner.

Diane will protect education funding and require accountability:

  • Empower parents to make the educational choices that are right for their children.
  • Cut the bureaucracy, increase accountability and transparency in tracking where the tax payer’s money is being spent within the education system.

“Diane will work to make sure that students are getting a quality education and taxpayers are getting what they paid for.” Tim Baines, retired public school teacher.

Diane believes that public safety should be a top funding priority:

  • Voters have sent a message loud and clear that they want criminals to serve their full sentences.
  • Government’s first responsibility is to protect its citizens.

“Diane will always make your family’s safety her priority, she has your back.” Victor Napoli, former police officer.

Diane believes in protecting the environment:
  • We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. We need to protect the environment without stifling the economy. Let’s keep Oregon beautiful!

Diane believes in personal responsibility:

  • Let’s stop trying to solve our problems by making more people dependent on government.


Oregon Right to Life PAC
National Rifle Association, Inc.
Oregon Firearms Federation PAC
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

(This information furnished by Friends of Diane Schendel.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722