County Office

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Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: Pilot.

Occupational Background: United States Navy; Pilot, Operations and Plans Officer.

Educational Background: Central High School '79; Oregon State University '85; University of Oregon School of Law '97.

Prior Governmental Experience: Intern, Oregon State Senate, 1997; Legislative Assistant to Senator Cliff Trow, 1994.

Military Experience: Navy, 1986-1994/2000-2010; Air Force Reserve, 1995-2000.

Supporting the future of Polk County

Jobs and job creation
I am committed to providing an environment that sustains the jobs we have, and supports the attraction of sustainable new jobs to the area. Polk County has solid natural resource and agricultural business to build upon. As Commissioner I will promote and support Polk County, a friendly and responsive place to do business.

Polk County has beautiful landscapes, a first class university, and a real commitment to family and neighbor. We have livability and ease of access that has made the county a choice for many. Our natural resources, quality of education and great citizens with a desire to do the right and good thing puts us at the forefront for gains in the economy. Playing to these strengths opens the door for future opportunity.

On education
Education is a bedrock of our community. It has made us the world leader in more areas than any other nation. It is a building block on which communities, businesses and families grow. I strongly support education for our youth and continuing education for those who desire to change career or the direction of their life.

I was raised in Polk County, attended local public schools, working summers in the berry and bean fields from Buena Vista to Dallas, and canneries in West Salem.

I retired from the Navy, having been stationed around the world. My wife, Renee, works for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. We met and married in Monmouth, and have three grown children.

Polk County is a great place to live and work. I respectfully ask for your vote.

(This information furnished by Danny Jaffer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722