State Senator

Chuck Riley photo


Democrat (DEM)
Independent (IND)

Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Information Technology and Small Business Owner

Educational Background: Southern Illinois University

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, U.S. Air Force

Community Involvement: Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, Aloha-Hillsboro Rotary, and Hillsboro United Methodist Church

Some people see only problems.
Chuck Riley sees solutions.

This recession has thrown a lot of tough problems at us. Good thing that Chuck Riley has a proven record of solving tough problems.

Putting our economy back on track

Chuck Riley supported investments in Oregon employers that create good-paying jobs. Chuck also supports tax breaks to companies that hire recently unemployed Oregonians.

"Chuck Riley's jobs plan is based on the concerns of local business people like me."
Doug Sellers, Owner, Sellers' Antiques, Hillsboro

Reducing government waste

Chuck Riley voted to freeze his own pay and cut $2 billion from the state budget. Chuck also sponsored legislation to close dozens of special interest tax loopholes and require all government documents to be written in plain language.

Keeping our kids safe

Chuck Riley voted to make it easier to prosecute and punish child predators. He also voted for tougher penalties for online sexual predators, and he supports increased jail time for repeat sex offenders.

"Chuck Riley worked with us to develop new proposed legislation that will protect elderly residents from fraud and abuse."
Chief Kerry Aleshire, Forest Grove Police Department

Keeping our promises to seniors

Chuck Riley will vote to protect seniors from fraud and abuse and make it easier for low-income seniors to stay independent and in their own homes.

"I'm voting for Chuck Riley because he's committed to helping seniors, even when times are tough."
Jeannine Rychlik

We're supporting Chuck Riley!
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Nurses Association
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
Attorney General John R. Kroger
State Representative David Edwards
Oregon State Police Officers' Association
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
Doug Johnson, Hillsboro Pharmacy
Nancy Christoph, Asst. Professor, Pacific University


(This information furnished by Chuck Riley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722