State Representative

Cheryl Myers photo


Democrat (DEM)
Independent (IND)

Occupation: Small business owner.

Occupational Background: 22 year local small business owner.

Educational Background: Marshall HS graduate; attended Mt. Hood CC.

Prior Governmental Experience: North Clackamas School Board, 2005-current; Economic Gardening Taskforce.

Volunteer Work: PTA President; club soccer treasurer/manager; Scout volunteer; school Site Council, Advisory Board.

Cheryl Myers is someone we can count on

As a parent, business owner, school board member, and volunteer Cheryl Myers has always been someone we can count on. And we can count on her now to strengthen our communities and help us recover from this recession.

Count on Cheryl to focus on jobs

Cheryl Myers supports tax incentives for companies that hire unemployed Oregonians and cutting red tape so small business can start hiring again. Cheryl also supports investments in Oregon companies that create local jobs.

“We’ve done business with Cheryl for 20 years and she’s got what it takes to get our economy back on track.”
--David/Elaine Crittenden

Count on Cheryl to make government accountable

In tough times, government has to do more with less. Cheryl Myers supports freezing legislative salaries, state agency audits to reduce waste and inefficiency, and laws to expose contracting fraud.

It’s about time we had a business person like Cheryl Myers in Salem to watch over taxpayer dollars.” --Larry Sitz, President, Emerick Construction

Count on Cheryl to strengthen education

As a school board member, Cheryl’s education plan includes adequate and stable funding, reduced class sizes, support for Head Start, and vocational/technical training at community colleges to prepare students to compete in global markets. She’ll also vote to end the tuition hikes pricing Oregon families out of higher education.

“Cheryl Myers has a proven record of results on education.”
--Oregon Stand for Children

We’re supporting Cheryl Myers!

Oregon Business Association
Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Oregon Nurses Association
Independent Party of Oregon
Ron Naso, retired school district superintendent
…and many individuals, seniors, businesses and leaders


(This information furnished by Friends of Cheryl Myers.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722