State Representative

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Republican (REP)
Working Families (WFP)

  • Occupation: State Representative

    Occupational Background: Teacher; 26 years at BMCC, 4 years high school; small business owner; co-owner family farm.

    Educational Background: BS, MS, Montana State Univ.

    Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Representative 1997-present. Eastern Oregon Regional Airport Commission ’88-’96. Pendleton Transportation Plan Advisory Member ’95-’96. Delegate to White House Conference on Families, ’80. Veteran, USAF ’50-’54.

    Personal: Raised on a ranch; Married to Evelyn; 4 grown children, 9 grandchildren; 5 great grandchildren.


    During my tenure I have chaired 11 committees and task forces In this biennium I serve on the following Committees:

    • The powerful Emergency Board
    • Joint Ways and Means
    • House Environment and Water
    • House Rules


    The whole nation suffers under the Great Recession and Oregon’s unemployment ranks among the highest. The answer is to put people back to work The question is how.

    EDUCATION: Education is the best jobs program there is. That’s why I fought for funding the new higher ed building in Hermiston. Community Colleges must offer immediate training in emerging fields, and all education (K-college) must provide the skills necessary in the 21C.

    SMALL BUSINESS has emerged as the top job creator and driver of economic growth. Business success depends on market research, consumer trends and competitive analysis, but tools to do these are often beyond small businesses reach. My HB 3644 will provide these tools.

    TAX CREDITS for home grown businesses that hire new employees and stop wasting money on out of state companies that take our money and run. .

    AGRICULTURE is the key to District 58’s economic health: Water storage program(s) are needed to enhance our supply for irrigation, municipalities and the environment. My HB 3369 will do exactly this in the Umatilla Basin.

    SENIORS AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: Their needs are my passion.


    Thank you for the opportunity to be your representative, and for your continued support.

    (This information furnished by the Committee to Re-Elect Bob Jenson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722