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Alan R

Republican (REP)
Independent (IND)

  • Occupation: Owner, Custom Construction Services

    Occupational Background: Construction in Oregon for 32 years

    Educational Background: B.S. (Chemistry) Purdue University

    Prior Governmental Experience: City Council, Middlepoint, OH. - US ARMY Military Police

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    Your Reasonable and Affordable voice in Salem

    I'm Alan Olsen and I believe the taxpaying citizens have given enough to the State. We must get Oregonians back to work; we must get quality outcomes from our education dollars; and the state must become efficient and effective to work for Oregonians.

    State government spending is rising faster than our ability to pay. Yet the legislature keeps on spending! It must stop! For too long we have been told one thing by the career politicians and then they do another! Oregonians were promised no cuts in funding with Measures 66 & 67 and today schools in our district are facing teacher cuts and shortened school years.

    Oregonians deserve leadership, vision and direction.

    As a contractor, I have built people's dreams and created jobs in our community for more than 30 years. We need that kind of experience and dedication in Salem.

    Employment: There are 210,000 unemployed Oregonians. Everyone talks about "creating jobs" but only thriving businesses and growing consumer demand actually "create jobs."

    Improve Education: Our best investment for a vibrant future for Oregon lies in the quality of education we provide our next generations. "Quality Education" should not be measured in tax dollars spent; it should be measured by the success of our students to be competitive in today's market.

    Efficient Government: We deserve the best value for our dollar from businesses. Government services should be no different. Government must be leaner and work for you.

    We need honesty and integrity in Salem.

    Oregon Family Farm Association PAC
    Oregon Small Business Association

    The best endorsement I could receive is your vote!

    I will be a rational and honest voice for you in Salem.

    Visit me at www.alanolsen.com.

    (This information furnished by Alan R. Olsen.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722