State of Oregon Biennial
Primary Election May 21, 1996

Dear Voter:

This 1996 Primary Election Voters' Pamphlet contains information about voting in the May 21, 1996 polling place election. It includes statements from candidates running for state office and the text and ballot titles for the three ballot measures referred to the people by the Legislature.

The Voters' Pamphlet also includes a list of county elections offices and how to contact them, instructions regarding how to vote and how to request an absentee ballot, and other useful information.

Every Oregon household will receive a Voters' Pamphlet. In addition, some counties produce a local voters' pamphlet, which might be bound inside this Voters' Pamphlet or mailed separately.

By state law, all voters--except those receiving absentee ballots--should vote at their designated polling site between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on May 21. If you are not sure where your polling site is located, see the list in this Voters' Pamphlet, check your newspaper, or contact your county elections office.

I encourage you to vote on May 21--your fellow Oregonians are counting on you.


Phil Keisling
Secretary of State

On the Cover:
Oregonians have always shown resilience and adaptability in the face of natural disasters. Here, Portlanders take to the streets in the "100 year flood" of 1894. Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society, negative #60550.

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