State Representative
12th District


OCCUPATION: Market Development Manager,Port of Portland

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Nike International; Lasco Shipping; Evergreen Airlines

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: A.B., Government, Harvard University, 1982

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Federal Railroad Administration, 1979-80; Downtown Light Rail Committee, 1989-90; Metro Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee, 1994-95


* FIGHT FOR PORTLAND'S SCHOOLS. Change the statewide aid formula, to reward Portland's local commitment and unique needs. Seek a "local option" to allow our district to vote on our own destiny.

* HOLD THE LINE AGAINST SPRAWLING GROWTH, by emphasizing transportation alternatives and parks. DAVID advocated sharing gasoline revenues with transit 20 years ago!

* CRAFT A RANGE OF SANCTIONS TO REDUCE VIOLENCE in our society, especially among juveniles.

* DEFEND CIVIL RIGHTS AND CHOICE. Honoring human rights takes more than laws -- it takes education.

* TOUGHEN CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM, with stricter disclosure requirements. A "voluntary" system won't work when one candidate does not comply.

It takes MORE THAN GOOD INTENTIONS to get the job done in Salem.

"In every job I have seen David Bragdon do, he delivered innovation, persistence, and product."

Neil Goldschmidt

DAVID BRAGDON built a successful career in business, working for Oregon-based international companies. DAVID understands trade can provide clean, sustainable jobs.

DAVID BRAGDON serves our community as a volunteer, on neighborhood and citizen committees. DAVID wrote Portland's first guide to public transportation, in 1973.

DAVID BRAGDON has experience in AND out of government. DAVID can change Salem for the better.

"To regain the confidence of the people, and govern effectively, our Democratic Party must re-assert positive principles -- not simply defend old institutions or a shrinking assortment of interest groups. Fresh leadership can get us back on track toward Democrats' historic mission: educational access, a clean environment, and human dignity. I am proud to live in the most diverse district in Oregon -- and I would be honored to represent YOU. Please phone me at 226-8174 with your ideas."

David Bragdon

(This information furnished by David Bragdon for State Representative.)

David Bragdon has agreed to limit campaign expenditures for this Primary Election under ORS 260.180 but is not bound by that agreement because an opponent for this election has not agreed to limit expenditures or has exceeded the applicable spending limit.

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