Commissioner of the Bureau of 
Labor and Industries



OCCUPATION: Attorney at Law; Paramedic.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Firefighter; Chaplain; Teacher; High School Mock Trial Coach; Senior member, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Juris Doctor, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College; M.A., Assemblies of God Theological Seminary; B.A., Southern California College; other studies: National Fire Academy, Fuller Theological Seminary.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Mt. Angel City Councilor; Lt. Governor of Disability Rights, 12th Circuit, American Bar Association/Law Student Division; Vice-President, Oregon State Paramedic Association; Chair, Washington County Medical Advisory Board.

Green grass­Blue benches­Red leaves

Victor Hoffer started his work career mowing lawns, painting park benches, and raking leaves. He has worked many jobs and understands what it means to work for a living. Victor worked as a teenager and believes teenagers should be able to find and hold full and part-time jobs.

Sweet strawberries­Choking smoke

Victor Hoffer has knelt in mud picking strawberries and crawled in house fires with a water charged fire hose. From the sweet smell of strawberries to the choking smell of smoke he has worked various jobs. Victor knows the needs of working people and the importance of education and apprenticeship programs.

Hot summer days­Cold winter nights

Victor Hoffer worked the road crew while in college and works as a paramedic today. From shoveling hot asphalt on hot August days to working in the snow at auto accidents on cold December nights he believes that workers should be paid fairly and honestly. He will enforce wage and hour law.

You caught him

Victor Hoffer is admittedly a lawyer. Yes, an attorney. He lost a job due to a disability. He didn't like it and went to law school. He knows the law and will enforce state civil rights laws. He will protect the people of Oregon.

Commitment to Excellence

Victor Hoffer is committed to excellence. He will lead the Bureau of Labor and Industries in its mission of serving and protecting Oregonians.

(This information furnished by Victor Hoffer for Labor Commissioner.)
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