County Office
Douglas Schmidt photo


Occupation: Appraisal Supervisor, Polk County Assessors Office

Occupational Background: Property Appraiser, Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs; US Army, Military Police

Educational Background: Associates Degree in Real Estate, Chemeketa Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: None

A native of Oregon's Willamette Valley, Douglas wants the Polk County Assessors Office to continue to set the example of how the total assessment process should be done. A standard in efficiency, in the use of technology and of accountability to the taxpayer.

In the 17 years Douglas has been employed by the Polk County Assessors Office, he has seen it take a leadership role in the State of Oregon in the use of innovations to streamline and improve the assessment process. He is committed to seeing the office continue to be the leader in how the assessment process is completed.

Douglas has over 27 years of Appraisal experience, most recently as the Appraisal Supervisor for the Polk County Assessors Office. Prior to that he was the Commercial Appraiser and a Farm Appraiser in the assessors office. Before coming to Polk County, Douglas was employed by the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs as a Property Appraiser.

With the implementation of Property Tax measures over the last 10 years, the Assessors Office and the role it performs has become even more complicated. The experience and knowledge Douglas has gained over the last 17 years has equipped him as the candidate best suited to lead the Assessors Office.

Douglas has the knowledge and experience to be the next Polk County Assessor.

Endorsed by:
Dennis Day, Polk County Assessor
Mike Propes, Polk County Commissioner
Ron Dodge, Polk County Commissioner
Tom Ritchey, Polk County Commissioner

(This information furnished by Douglas Schmidt for Assessor Committee.)