Representative in Congress

David Wu photo

Occupation: Congressional Representative

Occupational Background: Attorney helping Oregonians start high-tech and international trade businesses

Educational Background: Stanford University; Harvard Medical School; Yale Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: None


Fighting to improve the economy:

. David Wu understands that families are struggling. That's why he supported a law that's put thousands of Oregonians back to work making needed repairs and upgrades to our crumbling infrastructure, including our roads, bridges, ports and rail lines.
. David Wu introduced a law to jumpstart our stalled economy by helping Oregon's emerging high-tech and green energy businesses expand and create new good-paying jobs.
. David Wu believes that a vibrant small business community is the foundation for our economic success. He fought to reduce red tape and provide more tax credits for Oregon's small businesses.

"David is an innovator, providing companies like ours
with the resources and tools to continue to grow
and invest in our community."

Russell Ford
CEO, ClearEdge Power

A record of investing in local education and job training:

. Parents, teachers and students all agree that smaller class sizes result in a better learning environment and higher test scores. That's why David Wu fought for smaller classes and passed legislation increasing the number of qualified math and science teachers.
. David Wu knows our kids need good schools and strong community colleges in order to compete in the worldwide economy. He's leading efforts that help community colleges train Oregonians for high-tech and green energy jobs.
. When local business Solar World had problems finding experienced workers, David Wu stepped in and connected the company with Portland Community College to train Oregonians for good-paying jobs in the renewable energy economy.

"David understands that strong schools and job training
programs help get Oregonians back to work and are the
key to our economic recovery."

Denise Frisbee
Board Member, Portland Community College

(This information furnished by David Wu.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722