Judge of the Circuit Court

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Cameron F

Occupation: Circuit Court Judge

Occupational Background: District and Circuit Court Judge since 1992; Private Law Practice; Law Clerk; Hay Hauling Contractor

Educational Background: Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Oregon; B.S. Agricultural and Resource Economics, with highest honors, Oregon State University; Klamath Union High School; National Judicial College; many continuing education classes for judges and attorneys

Prior Governmental Experience: District Court Judge; Oregon Legislative Aid

EXPERIENCED: Wogan has presided over thousands of important civil and criminal proceedings. He has experience with a wide range of responsibilities from sentencing felons to prison to the delicate job of interviewing children involved in difficult child custody decisions. He is scheduled to hear the complex case involving adjudication of Klamath Basin waters. There is no substitute for judicial experience.

A LEADER: Wogan was selected by local judges and appointed by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court to serve as Presiding Judge for Klamath County since January, 2000. He worked to relocate the courts after the 1993 earthquakes and played an instrumental role developing the new courthouse plan. He worked to create a program to mediate child custody disputes which helps avoid courtroom battles that can damage children. He has given lectures to judges, attorneys, and others involved in the legal system.

Wogan served on the Joint Committee on New Judgeships which makes recommendations to the legislature about where new judicial positions are needed and has been involved in other efforts to improve the legal system and our community.

COMMITTED TO KLAMATH COUNTY: Cam returned to his home town after college because he believes in its people and loves the area. He is married to Mary Lou Wogan (Bailey) and they have two children, Ted, 17, and Nick, 15. He is a volunteer coach and school committee member.


(This information furnished by Committee to reelect Cameron F. Wogan Circuit Judge.)

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