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Occupation: State Representative, Small Businessman

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner; Executive Director, Business Coalition; Television Reporter.

Educational Background: Aloha High School, Beaverton; University of Southern California, BA.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Member, Clackamas County Economic Development Commission; Member, Portfolio Options Committee, Oregon Public Utility Commission; Committee Administrator, Oregon House Government Efficiency Committee.


"MATT WINGARD took on the powerful teachers' union when they tried to shutdown non-union public schools that are serving more than 3,500 special needs children. Matt has shown time and again that he isn't afraid to challenge the most powerful special interests in Oregon to do what's right."
--State Senator Larry George, Sherwood

"As our legislator, MATT WINGARD revealed billions of dollars in government waste, fraud and abuse that bureaucrats didn't want you to know about. Matt exposed massive unfunded liabilities at Tri-met and a government cover-up of a billion dollars in corporate tax giveaways. He is definitely a friend of the taxpayer."
--Jason Williams, Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Matt kept his word by:
--Opposing tax and fee hikes
--Supporting an ethanol-free gasoline option now available in Oregon
--Opposing constant efforts to divert transportation money away from our roads and highways
--Identifying more than $1 billion in potential budget savings

MATT WINGARD fights tirelessly for jobs, free markets and Oregon families. We need him in Salem.

Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy PAC
Oregon War Veterans Association
Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC
Oregonians in Action PAC
Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
Doris Wehler, Past President, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce
Scott Starr, Past President, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce
Debi Laue, Board Member, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce
Jim Haynes, Past President, Sherwood Chamber of Commerce
Ivonne Pflaum, Vice Chair Budget Committee, City of Sherwood
Hon. John Ludlow, Former Mayor of Wilsonville
Officer Clint Chrz, Sherwood
Louise Gatch, Charbonneau
Dick Spence, Charbonneau
Roger Beyer, Chairman


(This information furnished by Matt Wingard.)

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