Representative in Congress

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Occupation: Team Leader/Pulp & Paper, EnergyPro-USA

Occupational Background: President-CEO Isobord Enterprises

Educational Background: A.S., Lane Community College; B.S., Linfield College; M.B.A., Pepperdine University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Member, Junction City School Board Budget Committee, 1984-1986


My candidacy for the 5th Congressional District is my personal line in the sand: we must keep Washington from robbing Oregonians of the jobs and opportunities they deserve. Pelosi-Schrader propose nothing but higher taxes, increased spending, and over-the-top environmentalism. I am not a hand-picked, Washington establishment candidate.


Jobs and the Oregon Economy
With our State facing a 20%+ unemployment rate, we desperately need to bring back jobs. The overwhelming tax and regulation burden on businesses has caused an alarming flight of jobs and income. I will vote consistently to reduce job-killing regulation and taxation, including the carbon tax.

Restore Fiscal Sanity
America does not have an income problem, it has a spending problem. The current budget has already burdened us, our children, and our children's children with a mountain of debt that will eventually turn us from recession to depression. I am not confused over the difference between government spending and actual economic growth and wealth creation.

Healthcare Reform
Personal choice, personal ownership, and personal management are the only hope for a lasting, affordable overhaul of the healthcare system. I will vote against any government run healthcare scheme.

National Security
As a Vietnam Veteran with the 101st Airborne, I know our nation must return to Constitutional basics: go to war with a Declaration of War. Our armed forces deserve our full support when committed. Either do or don't do, simple hope is not enough.

Fundamental Principles
I am Pro-Life, and will support measures that reduce or eliminate the tragedy of abortion. I will be a consistent vote for the traditional definition of marriage. Iwill vote against any attempts to weaken or abolish the 2nd Amendment.

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