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David Brock

Occupation: Business Manager, Port and Starboard Enterprises LLC

Occupational Background: Business Manager, Director of Operations and Management in the Hospitality Industry

Educational Background: Pacific High School, SWOCC, Southern Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Port Orford City Councilor-2nd term, Budget Chair, Police Liaison, Curry County Emergency Services Liaison, President-Port Orford & North Curry County Chamber of Commerce, Director-America's Wild Rivers Coast, Curry County Fair Board, Law Enforcement Blue Ribbon Committee, Redfish Rocks Community Team-Business Stakeholders Member, Socioeconomic Working Group-Focusing on Economic Development

I am a businessman and third generation resident of Curry County. I have a deep appreciation for Curry County and its residents. I began my Public Service to support business & prosperity in our local economy. I have worked on a number of committees, political and service organizations with remarkable people to the benefit of all residents of Curry County. I have a hands-on approach to county government and feel that an open ear is the only path to learning and objectively making decisions that affect the lives of the people that we live and work with. I believe fostering existing business while attracting new business is essential in maintaining and creating family wage jobs in Curry County. With my business and management experience in this economy, I will bring fiscal accountability and conservative management to county government. I recognize the number of issues facing the county and the need for innovative thinking for positive progress. We can no longer depend on federal funding and defer to the decisions made by national politicians. I will bring a common sense approach to county government with fresh ideas to develop conservative long term plans to foster socioeconomic prosperity. I believe that by working Together we can put Unity back in Community, while charting the way towards economic Stability and Growth for Curry County.

Endorsed by:

Port Orford City Councilors

Jim Auborn, Mayor, City of Port Orford

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(This information furnished by Committee to Elect David Brock Smith Curry County Commissioner.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722