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Occupation: Taxpayer advocate, researcher, political consultant

Occupational Background: Executive director, Oregon Taxpayers United; Researcher for CBS Research and Consulting; Owner/operator and radio host for KKGT Great Talk 1150 AM

Educational Background: Graduated from Portland Bible College, 1976

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed by Governor Atiyeh to Governor's Task Force on Workers' Compensation Reform; Appointed by Klamath County Sheriff to County Budget Task Force; Author and Chief Petitioner for statewide ballot measures to reduce property taxes, reduce income taxes, require voter approval for all new taxes, restore private property rights, and rein in the political power of the public employee unions.

I am a true fiscal and social conservative running against a field of well-financed moderates. My conservative credentials are firmly established by my having used the initiative process to reduce taxes in Oregon by approximately $10 billion and launch a major restoration of private property rights.

I have sponsored ballot measures to limit property taxes, require just compensation for regulatory takings of private property, require English Immersion for non-English speaking students, and limit the Public Employee Retirement System

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. I am unapologetically pro-life and oppose gay marriage. I oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. I support capital punishment. I will veto any effort by the state legislature to increase taxes.

I have devised a revolutionary plan to reform the way public employees are compensated. My plan gives employees choices their unions do not want them to have while simultaneously protecting taxpayers from the runaway cost of public sector pensions and fringe benefits, all without violating court created contractual obligations. You can learn more about that plan by visiting www.sizemoreforgovernor.com.

The first priority of my administration will be to break the stranglehold the public employee unions have on the state of Oregon, wrestle control of public education from teachers unions and make schools more about kids and education and less about money and politics.

(This information furnished by Bill Sizemore.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722