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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Owner and property manager, Marvin Sannes, DBA; Owner, Spring-Green Lawn & Tree Care; CEO, Willamette Valley Youth Shelter.

Educational Background: Mt. Angel Prep; BS, Social Sciences, Portland State University; Foreign Service Cert. program, University of Utah; Masters coursework in corrections, Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience: None.

Family: Married to Lois Sannes for 40 years, Four children, Two grandchildren.

Marvin Sannes: Leading in the Spirit of Tom McCall

Serving the Salem Community for Decades

  1. Successfully initiated and co-lobbied for passage of "Workers" Bus Law signed in 1970 by Governor Tom McCall;
  2. Lobbied for Children's Services Division budgets for six sessions.
  3. Authored a successful nomination to the National Registry of Historic Places for one of Salem's art-deco buildings.
  4. Initiated the first grant for a special education program for special needs kids at North Salem High in 1977; these programs are now part of every school district in Oregon.
  5. Served five years helping people through an addiction recovery hotline.
  6. Served five years coordinating a weekly recovery meeting at the Marion County Jail.
  7. Worked individually with hundreds of at-risk youth in their efforts to overcome addiction.
  8. Assisted with the establishment of a 10-bed residence for at-risk young men.

Marvin Sannes for House District 21

Improve public safety by restoring the professionals' discretion in criminal sentencing; distinguishing between criminal behavior and mental/addiction illness. Addiction is the most serious problem facing Oregon. We must change our focus to treatment for addiction and rehabilitation.

Begin to clean our environment by cleaning Oregon's creeks, rivers and ocean of toxins and pollutants. Propose a 2 year test on the Willamette above Salem.

Reform our tax system with a simple flat tax rate as a percentage of income.

Education funding; public education is the best investment we make.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Marvin Sannes.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722