State Representative

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Occupation: State Representative

Occupational Background: Teacher; Dean; Principal-Marshfield High School, Coos Bay, Oregon

Educational Background: Master of Education, University of Oregon, BA, University of Washington

Prior Governmental Experience: Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board

Community Involvement: Board member: SWOYA Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon, YMCA Youth in Government; Past president, Kiwanis Club of Coos Bay; Founding Board member, Friends of New and Sustainable Industry

Honest. Independent. Just Like Us.

Keeping the South Coast Working

Communities all over our state are hurting, but Arnie knows our region has been hit hardest.

  • Leading the effort to deepen the Port at Coos Bay and bringing thousands of new container jobs in the years ahead
  • Securing $12.6 million to purchase the Coos Bay Rail Line to stop layoffs at mills and keep plants open
  • Establishing a new fund to give loans and grants for small businesses creating new jobs and hiring Oregonians

Fighting for Us

Many politicians don't understand the problems we face locally. Arnie Roblan is leading the fight to make sure we get our fair share.

  • Protecting our local timber and commercial fishing industries
  • Forcing officials in Washington, DC to keep their promises and make federal timber payments

Protecting our Children, Families and Communities

With over 30 years as a high school principal and teacher, Arnie understands we must respect each other's differences and work together.

  • Securing funding for K-12 and expanding healthcare for 80,000 children
  • Increasing critical funding for Oregon Project Independence so more seniors can get the care they need in their own homes, instead of a nursing home
  • Fighting for state police coverage on our roads 24/7

"Oregonians are hurting. Too many people are out of work and too many families have lost their homes. The challenges we face aren't liberal or conservative. They are Oregon challenges. And we can solve them with honesty, independence and determination."
          -ARNIE ROBLAN


(This information furnished by Arnie Roblan.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722