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Robin S

Occupation: Sr. Business Systems Analyst - Vertex Business Services, Bend, Oregon. Co-owner - Gadabout Serene Adventures, LLC, Sunriver Oregon

Occupational Background: Logistics Analyst - McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company; Engineering Designer - Hughes Helicopter Company

Educational Background: Post-Graduate Certificates in Total Quality Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Sales and Advertising, and Marketing Management - University of Phoenix, Mesa, AZ. Numerous business management and administrative courses through Mesa Community College and Central Oregon Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience: US Citizen - 49 Years, US Taxpayer - 32 Years

"Oregonians are seeing their voice silenced in Washington. Our opinions and needs are going unheard, frequently ignored in favor of the Talking Point of the day. Now Oregon is paying the price with high unemployment, reduced benefits, fewer business opportunities, and spiraling health and educational costs. Business owners and investors are starting businesses and creating jobs elsewhere. All this because the voice of Oregon is not being heard in Washington, because our elected representatives no longer fight for us.

This is an important election year for Oregon. This year we Oregonians have an opportunity to change from the business-as-usual, Washington party elite and status quo mentality. The people we elected to present our needs, our wishes, our attitudes and values have forgotten that we sent them to Washington in our stead, that they may be a voice for each and every one of us. We did not send them there just for the party.

This year we can choose a new Senate voice, one who will represent all Oregonians. We can vote for a better future, for our state, our children and our Grandchildren. By choosing a Senator who will read and understand the bills presented to Congress, before casting our vote, we can ensure our voices are heard again, now and in the future.

It would be my honor to go to Washington DC, for the People of Oregon and not just for the party!" --- Robin Parker

(This information furnished by Robin S. Parker.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722