Superintendent of Public Instruction

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  • Ron

  • Occupation: State Representative

    Occupational Background: Military Officer; Small Business Owner; University Instructor

    Educational Background: Northern Illinois University, Doctorate of Education; Kansas State University, M.S. Education; Oregon State University, B.S. Science Education

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Grants Pass School Board Chair; U.S. Army Reserves (Retired), 1985-2006

    Family: Married with 4 children plus 2 foreign exchange students in Oregon public schools

    We Must Not Accept Failure

    • In 2008, the Department of Education reported one-third of high school students failed to graduate
    • For the last 3 years, national assessments have repeatedly given Oregon an “F” in College Readiness and Accountability for Quality
    • Oregon ranks 27th in expenditures per student but 43rd in overall quality. It is not a question of more money; it is one of transformational reform

    Strong Schools = Jobs = A Strong Economy

    Jobs in the future are based on education today. If Oregonians want a strong economy, Oregon must have a strong school system.

    Dr. Maurer’s Plan

    • Enhance math and science so future leaders reclaim competitive advantages in the global marketplace
    • Expand vocational programs to prepare students for family-wage jobs
    • Renew emphasis on parental involvement, civics, and financial literacy
    • Raise expectations for achievement, while we raise expectations for behavior

    Ron Maurer: An Educator

    Fourth generation Oregonian, from a family of life-long educators, Ron knows the value of putting students first. We must provide children with the necessary tools to succeed in school and in life.

    Endorsed By Those Who Know Oregon Needs a Change
    Greg Walden, U.S. Representative; Brady Adams, Former Senate President; Oregon Building Trades Council; 22 State Representatives; 11 State Senators; for more endorsements visit RonForSchools.com

    “Oregon stands at a critical moment in time. We must look into the young faces of our future and choose to walk with them. I am Ron Maurer and I am asking for your vote.”


    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Ron Maurer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722