State Representative

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  • Michael

  • Occupation: Food Service Manager, DOC

    Occupational Background: Small business owner

    Educational Background: B.S. Business, Baker University

    Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Salem-Keizer School District Budget Committee

    Other Activities: Foster Parent; Founder, M Community Gardens, Umatilla Farmer's Market

    It is Time.
    It is time to work together on solutions to problems we face in our community and state. It is time to work on issues that matter instead of appeasing polarizing special interests. It is time to bring balance to the Legislature and get Oregon back on the right track.

    Putting People Back to Work in Eastern Oregon
    The legislature hasn't helped create long-term, permanent private-sector jobs that add to state revenue and help spur further economic growth. We need government and business working together to find solutions. Reducing unnecessary regulations, exploring new industries for Eastern Oregon and allowing people to keep more of their hard-earned money are ways to encourage job growth and reduce unemployment.

    Higher Taxes are not the Answer
    As families and individuals, when money's tight, we cut back on spending. For the Legislature, they increase spending by over 9% and then tax us even more. Bob Jenson voted to raise over $1.6 billion in new taxes and fees last session. Now Jenson is suggesting a sales tax on Oregonians in addition to property and income taxes.

    Placing Kids First
    It is time to prioritize education and I believe smaller class sizes and schools, keeping kids in school so they learn and focusing our budget on core subjects like reading, writing and mathematics are all part of the answer.

    Keeping Us Safe from Harm
    Releasing criminals from prison early, inadequately funding State Troopers and not implementing important legislation like Measure 57 isn't acceptable. It is time to respect the voters' will and implement this legislation to keep Oregonians safe.

    Endorsed by:
    Ross Day, Common Sense for Oregon PAC
    AG-PAC, Roger Beyer, Chairman
    Tara Lawrence, Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC
    Oregon Right to Life PAC


    (This information furnished by Vote Mike Mathisen Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722