County Office

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  • Occupation: Rancher; Businessman; Commissioner

    Occupational Background: Rancher; CEO of businesses

    Educational Background: BS Agricultural Economics; MS Economics

    Prior Governmental Experience: Crook County Planning Commission; State Representative; Speaker of the Oregon House; Crook County Commissioner

    “Seldom does a County have the opportunity to be served by an individual with Lynn’s experience, integrity and ability to make things happen.”
    Jim Carpenter, retired school administrator

    It’s been a pleasure to serve Crook County. My experiences in private and public sectors have been an asset in meeting challenges of tough economic conditions. I’ve worked on making county government efficient and effective. Budgets were cut, but I’ve been adamant that services to the public not be decreased.

    The next years will be challenging with revenue decreasing while demand for services increase, particularly in health and public safety. I’ll continue working for financially sound strategies; adequate reserves, wages and benefits similar to the private sector, and focus on essential services.

    I’ll continue fighting for transparent processes which provide timely and complete information to the public, and develop standards and criteria for policies before decisions are made.

    Economic development will be critical in maintaining a great place to live, work and play. Facebook has a positive impact, but infrastructure must be available to meet future opportunities. I’ve been pushing for a Highway 126 feasibility study of capacity and intersection improvements, thereby bringing more business to Crook County.

    “Lynn believes a well educated workforce is essential for economic development. He’s been instrumental in securing funding for HeadStart and working on creating the Oregon Open Campus which will give Crook County residents access to higher education.”
    James E. Lane

    The best strategies in the world will not be very effective if a person doesn’t care about people. Raising seven children, taking eleven teenagers into our home, serving on the Boards of NeighborImpact, Special Olympics, Care Oregon and the Quality Education Commission, these endeavors are what life is all about, particularly here in God’s country.

    (This information furnished by Lynn Lundquist For County Commissioner.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722