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  • Occupation: Coos County Property Appraiser

    Occupational Background: Higher Education; Facilities Management; Business Owner; Marketing/ Sales; Eldercare; Real Estate Broker; Marine Corps Employment Resources; Banking

    Educational Background: Doctoral Level Certification in Gerontology; MA in Institutional Administration; BA in Psychology

    Prior Governmental Experience: None

    I am dedicated to the health, prosperity and security of the citizens of Coos County. Born and raised in North Bend (by my parents, Bea and Lee Lemanski), I graduated from North Bend High School in 1967 and attended Southwestern Oregon Community College.

    Living-wage jobs are critical and are the fundamental base for a strong Coos County economy. Jobs are produced by creating a business friendly environment through innovative economic development supported by an educated and trained workforce. Good jobs secure the financial base to improve our community infrastructure which, in turn, supports our commitment to providing our community with a safe and productive environment and the best in health care. My Masters Degree in Institutional Administration and extensive background in higher education, budgeting, business and management have uniquely prepared me to be a leader for your interests. I am committed to listening to the concerns of citizens and will do my best to make Coos County a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed in fulfilling their dreams.
    www.marytloiselle.com; mary@marytloiselle.com;

    (This information furnished by Mary T. Loiselle.)

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