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  • Occupation: Independent Computer Consultant; Construction Contractors Board; Rancher

    Occupational Background: Programmer/ Analyst; Senior Vice President MIS; Independent Consultant; Small-scale Rancher

    Educational Background: UCLA, BA Economics; Biola University, MA (graduation May 2010)

    Prior Governmental Experience: none

    Diane and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We attend Bonanza Community Church; I am a Deacon.

    Voters in Klamath County have lost their voice. They are concerned with private sector employment, fiscal policy, water, and natural resource allocation issues, yet their views are ignored. The hydroelectric dam removal and KBRA proposals are recent controversial decisions where the electorate was not given the opportunity to vote. As a result water rights are being eroded while taxpayer liability will balloon and private property rights will become extinct. These negative consequences will continue to propagate throughout the Klamath Basin, affecting the lives of all who call Klamath County “home.”

    First, I believe individual liberty and personal responsibility are foundational to our county’s health. Individual liberty quickly decays into corruption and anarchy without a meaningful commitment to personal responsibility. Personal responsibility and liberty thrive in a free enterprise system secured by the judicial use of a constitutionally limited government.

    My goal is to help Klamath County families prosper through the reduction of government spending. Private sector productivity can be vastly improved through the elimination of needless government regulation and intervention. The status quo model for government growth can no longer be tolerated.

    Therefore, as your County Commissioner, I will work to promote these ideals. First, I will support and encourage the development of private sector employment opportunities. Second, I will promote fair and balanced representation for all agricultural water users. Third, I will pursue a more analytical critique of any cost-benefit analysis associated with taxpayer liability. Lastly, I will enforce constitutional limitations on any future regulatory policy that impacts business in the Basin.

    Endorsed by:

    Doug Whitsett State Senator
    George Gilman State Representative District 55
    Klamath Basin Alliance
    Bill Brown former Klamath County Commissioner

    (This information furnished by Friends for Dennis Linthicum.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722