State Representative

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  • Occupation: self-employed writer/researcher on democracy in Oregon

    Occupational Background: Marine biologist; independent businessman/sustainable development consultant; non-profit CEO; firefighter; turkey ranching.

    Educational Background: Bachelor's and Master's degrees, Marine Biology; San Francisco State University

    Prior Governmental Experience: K-12 School Board (4 years); Community College Board (10 years); County Supervisor (=Commissioner) (8 years).

    Military Service: United States Air Force, Security Service (4 years)

    Bud Laurent: Putting a Stop to Partisan Politics

    Working people in Linn and Benton counties deserve better. The folks in Salem seem to have ignored the fact that we need real jobs, affordable healthcare and a stable education system. It's time for government to work for us - not against us. Bud is not a politician who plays games. He will deliver for families in our community, not Salem interest groups.

    Bud Laurent: Prioritizing Jobs in a Recovering Economy

    During these tough economic times, many Oregonians are struggling to find work. Bud will bring change to Salem by working on creating jobs here in Oregon, not out-of-state or overseas. He'll work to find incentives for promising local businesses and industries. Bud will be a voice for small Oregon businesses and agriculture, not out-of-state corporations.

    Bud Laurent: Fighting for Affordable Health Care

    If Oregon's economy is going to be restored to health, its residents must also be healthy. Bud will fight to make access to health care affordable and will fight insurance companies over excessive premium increases.

    Bud Laurent: Strong Schools, Strong Families

    Bud knows that strong schools mean strong communities. Oregon schools are beginning to suffer from declining revenues and a lack of accountability. Salem politicians don't have the answers. Bud will work to stabilize education funding while ensuring excellence in the classroom.

    If you're tired of the broken system of
    politics-as-usual and you want
    Independent Leadership in Salem for Linn and Benton Counties,
    there's just one choice: Vote Bud Laurent

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Bud Laurent.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722