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Douglas Fitzgerald

  • Occupation: Commander, United States Navy, Retired

    Occupational Background: Naval Aviator, Director of Safety

    Educational Background: Troy State University, Master of Science and Management; Graduate: US Army Command and General Staff College; US Naval Academy, Annapolis MD; Sunset High School.

    Prior Governmental Experience: None outside of military service.

    I'm a fiscal conservative who was raised in Oregon. After graduating from the Naval Academy I served 20 years as a Naval Aviator. My final tour was onboard the USS Nimitz where I was responsible for the safety of 5,000 sailors. My background has equipped me for national security and international matters. I have also lived in many parts of the United States and learned different ways of addressing issues that face us all.

    We have the responsibility to pass on to our children a country in better shape than we inherited it. My goals are clear: boost the economy through tax cuts; independence from foreign oil within 10 years; and stewardship that protects the environment while supporting our economy. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and must be encouraged. If we as individual must live within our means, so must our government.

    I fly the Navy Jack proudly as more than a symbol of freedom; it represents that I want to restore America by reducing government and its inefficiency. I declined PAC, corporate, or party money to fund my campaign, though I personally walked door to door to meet you. I believe in term limits as a means to keep government in touch with people. And, we must honor those who serve us in uniform, carefully considering all decisions about training, deployment, and care after service.

    Please review my website for additional information at keller4congress.com.

    Join me and set America free.

    Thank you,

    (This information furnished by Keller for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722