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  • Occupation: Tillamook County Commissioner

    Occupational Background: Landscape Contractor for over 25 years; Park System Designer, City of Astoria; Mill Worker

    Educational Background: B.A., Oregon State University; Graduate of Tillamook Schools

    Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 1991 - 98; Director, Tillamook PUD; Commissioner, Port of Garibaldi; Bay City Planning Commission; Oregon Commission for Child Care; Governor's Task Force on Juvenile Justice; Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission; Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Commission; Land Conservation and Development Commission; Association of Oregon Counties President; Council of Forest Trust Land Counties Chair; National Association of Counties Board Member, President of Western Interstate Region and Public Lands Steering Committee Chair; Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association Chair

    Tillamook Chamber of Commerce; Tillamook Anglers; Farm Bureau; Habitat for Humanity

    Tim and his wife Cary are homeowners in Bay City. Tim is a third generation Tillamook County resident who was raised on the family dairy.

    Tim is known for building strong, working relationships with people at the local, state and federal level.

    Tim's hands-on experience and leadership have produced results.


    • As the chair of the Trust Counties, Tim is working closely with the State Forester and the Board of Forestry to provide sustainable timber revenues to the county and our schools while protecting our forest environment.
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    • s a member of the State Land Conservation and Development Commission Tim led the effort to amend the State's Territorial Sea Plan to allow for the responsible development of energy facilities.
    • Tim is representing the county as the State analyzes the viability of two potential Marine Reserves on our North and South boarders.

    Tim's goal is to protect our rural charm and the quality of life we all enjoy in our cities and communities through managed growth and protection of our rivers, beaches, forests, farms and bays.

    Dear Constituent:

    I need your vote on May 18. Please call me with your ideas and concerns. 503-842-3403.

    Tim Josi

    (This information furnished by Tim Josi.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722