State Representative

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  • Occupation: General Contractor, Mark Johnson Construction

    Occupational Background: Small business owner, 1985-Present

    Educational Background: Hood River Valley High School, 1975; Whitworth College, 1975-1979

    Prior Governmental Experience: Hood River County School Board, 2005-Present; Hood River County School Board Chair, 2008-Present

    Representing You

    Mark Johnson is proud to have raised a family, run a business and served actively in our community for over 25 years. Mark knows times have changed for all of us and not for the better. He understands what concerns we have and what we're looking for in a more prosperous future for our community and state. Mark believes you deserve true leadership down in Salem-a local voice that represents local values.

    Creating More Jobs

    In a year where Oregon's unemployment has reached insurmountable levels, its time for the legislature to stop increasing fees and taxes that make it difficult for employers to keep a payroll. A growing, stable private sector is fundamental to strong social services, better programs for education and increased revenue both locally and for the state.

    Supporting Stronger Education

    Mark believes Oregon's future lies in the strength of our education system. He wants to fund education first and fund it wisely-our state has no greater obligation than to ensure it is providing the resources necessary for a quality education for Oregon's kids. A stronger education system means greater opportunities for the future of kids, community and state.

    Stabilizing Local Business

    As a small business owner, Mark understands firsthand the challenges businesses are facing in this tough economy. He knows it's not always easy to make ends meet. Mark will work in Salem to develop a business-friendly Oregon that keeps businesses in our state, attracts investment, creates jobs, and fosters financial security.

    Vote for Local Values. Vote for Local Leadership.
    Vote for Mark Johnson.

    Endorsed By:
    Greg Walden, US Representative for Oregon's Second District
    State Representative Bruce Hanna
    State Representative Kevin Cameron
    State Representative Tim Freeman

    (This information furnished by Friends of Mark Johnson.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722