State Representative

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  • Occupation: School Psychologist

    Occupational Background: School Psychologist, Special Education Director, Special Education Teacher

    Educational Background: EdD in General Administrative Leadership, Vanderbilt University; M.A.T in Educational Therapy and Elementary Education, National College of Education; BA in Applied Behavioral Science, National College of Education.

    Prior Governmental Experience: NONE

    Not a Professional Politician but an Advocate for our Community

    Jobs not lip service
    The unemployment rate for Deschutes County tops 14%. Restoring real sustainable jobs that have long-term viability to Central Oregon is my first priority.

    Safer families
    We shouldn't have to hold our breath every time we take a drive on Highway 97. We must stop drug lords who see our county as an easy access point for trafficking. Transportation funding needs to come to us not Portland, so our highways are safe for our families. Law enforcement needs the tools to keep our communities safe.

    More health care solutions not problems
    As if we haven't said it enough but our families shouldn't be one health care emergency away from financial ruin. We must rein in our system and protect those who matter most to us.

    Put the protection back in consumer protection
    No more bailing out NYC corporations. Oregon families shouldn't have to worry about consumer fraud. As your representative I will stand up for consumers and small business owners that need financial stability, not the banks that get bailed out.

    They were there for us, let's be there for them
    As a veteran, I know first hand the issues and problems facing our brave veterans. They deserve better and I am the one who can help meet their needs.

    "Somewhere along the way politicians stopping working for us. Let's stand up to them. As an advocate for all people in our community I'll start a new tradition of working for us in Deschutes Co. rather than those in Salem."-John Huddle

    (This information furnished by Friends of John Huddle.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722