State Senator

Bob Horning photo


  • Occupation: Park Owner; "Horning's Hideout"

    Occupational Background: Fisheries Manager, Logger, Postal Worker, Rancher, USAF

    Educational Background: Hillsboro High School (Oregon), Medical Lake High School (Washington), USAF Training

    Prior Governmental Experience: Washington County Fire District #2 Board, Glencoe Interchange Committee

    Community Service: Vice Chair; Washington County Business Council, President; North Plains Chamber of Commerce, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Council, High School Ski League Referee.

    Where is the Oregon I remember?

    Our current legislature is failing us. In the midst of these tough economic times, their solutions all involve higher taxes, increased fees, and further regulations on businesses and citizens alike. Despite record unemployment, our legislature has created a climate where more businesses are leaving, rather than investing in Oregon's future.

    The people of Oregon are the greatest resource we have, yet our leaders:
    *Have worked to save the farm land but not the farmers;
    *Have worked to save the forest but not the loggers;
    *Have worked to save the salmon but not the fishermen;
    *Work at congregating everyone into large cities and have abandoned small communities.

    Oregon imports timber, rather than opening the forests for responsible logging. Oregon's fisheries are underutilized, leading to diminishing salmon returns and reduced fisheries. Oregon's land-use laws encourage corporate farming and have forced many family farms out of business.

    The smaller communities in our State have suffered at the hands of politicians who do the bidding of Portland and the larger cities. We need a Senator who understands this and doesn't make decisions based on partisan, political lines, or for their own personal gain.

    I, like many of the new candidates running for office, are not politicians; but everyday folks who are simply fed up with the current state of affairs and want to see our State flourish instead of flounder. For too long Oregon has been drifting away from the inspiring place that I remember and want to see again.

    I ask for the honor of your vote.

    (This information furnished by Friends of Bob Horning.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722