Judge of the Circuit Court

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Jonathan R

  • Occupation: Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney for Tillamook County

    Occupational Background: Tillamook County DA's Office 1998 to Present; USMC Officer: Active and Reserve 1989-2010. Gulf and Iraqi War Veteran

    Educational Background: Graduated Scappoose High School 1985, Oregon State University 1989, Willamette College of Law 1997

    Prior Governmental Experience: Engineer Officer USMC. Retired as Lieutenant Colonel

    "Jon will bring a continued commitment to fairness and to maintaining dignity and respect within the Circuit Court. Senior Judge David Hantke, Circuit Court Judge for Tillamook County

    "Jon has earned the respect of the law enforcement community by demonstrating a mature, ethical and fair sense of justice. Please join me in voting for Jon, for our next Circuit Court Judge." Todd Anderson, Tillamook County Sheriff

    "Jon has the temperament and analytical skills needed to serve us well as our next Circuit Court Judge. He will carry on the professional tradition we have come to expect from our past Circuit Court Judges." Tim Josi, Tillamook County Commissioner

    "Jon has a lifetime of service to our country, is a devoted family man, has high integrity, solid judgment, and the proper judicial temperament to be an extremely effective Circuit Court Judge."
            Bill Porter, Tillamook County District Attorney

    Crime Victims United of Oregon All Tillamook County Commissioners (Charles Hurliman, Tim Josi, Mark Labhart) All Tillamook County Mayors: Mayor Garry R. Bullard- City of Manzanita, Mayor Shirley Kalkhoven- City of Nehalem, Mayor Walt Trandum -City of Wheeler, Mayor Terry Walhood- City of Rockaway Beach, Mayor Suzanne McCarthy- City of Garibaldi, Shaena Peterson- Mayor of Bay City, Mayor Robert J. McPheeters Jr. -City of Tillamook Tillamook County Sheriff Tom Dye, (Retired.), Karen Dye, Tillamook County Treasurer Local Attorneys at Law: Chris Hooley, John Putman, Bill Sargent Erik Harth, Ed Wortman, Terry Wright, Rick Adams, Perry Sherbaugh, Doctor Paul Betlinski, William & Joyce Hatton, Carol Jackson, Dan Krein, Mike Lawlis, Doug Olson, Brad Pierce, Susan Henderson Pierce, Paula Tucker

    Full list of endorsements: http://www.hillfortillamookjudge.com

    (This information furnished by Committee to Elect Jon Hill Circuit Court Judge.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722