Judge of the Circuit Court

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  • Occupation: Attorney

    Occupational Background: Attorney, Law Clerk, Small Business Owner, Machinist


    Educational Background: Lewis & Clark Law School, JD: Chico State University, BA

    Prior Governmental Experience: Certified as Circuit Court Judge Pro-Tem, County Hearings Judge

    Alex has over 14 years of experience in the courtroom. Additionally Alex has served as a County Hearings Officer and been certified by the Oregon Supreme Court as Circuit Judge Pro-Tem.

      "I served as Oregon Supreme Court Justice for over 14 years and I can say with certainty that Alex has the Qualifications to be your Judge."
      - R. William Riggs Retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice

    Alex has built a successful law practice in Tillamook and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Alex has exhibited both a sharp legal mind as well as a keen understanding of the law.

      "I have had the pleasure of going head to head with Alex in the courtroom. His intellect, humor, and respect for the law make him a worthy adversary. These qualities will also make him an excellent judge. I support him wholeheartedly."
      -Kayla Long, Tillamook County Deputy District Attorney

    Alex Lives in Rockaway Beach with his dog Titus and works from his office from Tillamook, at 2nd and Main Streets. Alex volunteered with the Community Legal Information Center and has participated in the Classroom Law Project for the past 16 years. Alex is also an active supporter of Tillamook High School fundraisers and charity events

      "Tillamook County deserves a judge who is not only answerable to the community but an active member of it.
      -Steve Cham

                                                       Other Endorsers
    Brad Avakian, State Labor Commissioner, Steve Piucci, President Elect of the Oregon State Bar, Judge Kenneth Walker, Daron Coates, Ray Jacobs, John Tuthill, Diane Rader.

    For more information call Alex at 503-222-3641,

    (This information furnished by The Committee to Elect Alex Hamalian.)

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