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  • Occupation: None

    Occupational Background: Healthcare in various positions 1974-1999; Teaching, public school (substitute) 2000-2001; Teaching, private school 2001-2003; Small business owner (Jalapeno Jayne's) 2007-2008

    Educational Background: Concordia University Ann Arbor, BA, Human Resources Administration 2001

    Prior Governmental Experience: None; Ran for US Congress, 2008

    I'm a real person who spent my life working in real jobs. I worked in healthcare for 25 years, taught in private and public schools and homeschooled my youngest daughter. I was a small business owner. I was a single mom. I have been married, widowed, and am remarried to a disabled Viet Nam vet. In other words, I am you. I am your voice.

    • I am not a career politician; I owe no one and no one owns me.

    • I will obey my constitutional oath.

    • I will fight any bill that increases debt or taxes.

    • I will fight for the sovereign rights of the states and of the people.

    • I will fight governmental control & regulation from individual lives.

    • The 2nd amendment says "shall not be infringed". Period.

    • Our vets deserve the best healthcare available.

    • I will be a good steward of your money and encourage my colleagues to do the same.

    • My integrity cannot be bought or traded. Honesty is back on the ballot!

    • The people are in charge- I am your public servant.

    I have signed:

    • the 'Repeal It' pledge to repeal any national healthcare law that may be passed by the current Congress.

    • the 10th Amendment pledge to protect state sovereignty.

    • the New Contract with America.


    • Mary Starrett, Director, Oregonians for Life

    • Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA)

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    • Republican Liberty Caucus, Republican Liberty Caucus 2010 endorsed candidates, 12/23,09

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    (This information furnished by Jaynee Germond.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722