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Occupation: State Representative, Communications Consultant.

Occupational Background: Director of Public Information, Portland Public Schools; Television and Radio News Reporter; Narrator / Host. Science and History Educational Series; Consultant, Scientists' Institute for Public Information,

Educational Background: PhD Candidate, PSU; Bachelor's degree, Earlham College; Fellowships at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory and MIT.

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Member, State Board of Education; Member, Governor Roberts' Task Force on Teen Pregnancy.


I look forward to talking with you in the coming months about what the Legislature can do to make our lives better. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and to advocate for our community's issues in the rooms where decisions are made.

My focus: Building economic security by creating jobs and by building business capacity.

The February Special Session bills I worked on and passed targeted creating and sustaining jobs in our district and throughout the state.

I am working to make energy conservation and environmental protection real at a local level, and accessible at all income levels.

We need to clean up contaminated brownfields and turn them into housing and businesses.

We should break up large government contracts whenever possible so that small, local businesses can bid on them.

Health care, including mental health support, remains a high priority.

I will use this position to advocate for my neighbors in all arenas, especially where equity, opportunity, justice and safety are concerned.

Finally, lets boast the highest voter turnout in the state! Need assistance in returning your ballot? Please contact my office at 503-756-8160 or info@lewfrederick.org.

We are in this together. I ask for your vote.

Representative Lew Frederick

Endorsed by

Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Education Association
Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC
Oregon AFL-CIO
Governor Barbara Roberts
Senator Chip Shields
Representative Tina Kotek
Former Portland City Commissioner Charles Jordan
Robert W. Boyer, Former State Senator
Democratic District Leader Shirley Minor


(This information furnished by Friends of Lew Frederick.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722