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Occupation: Consultant

Occupational Background: Business Management; Nonprofit Management; Oregon National Guard;

Educational Background: Tillamook High School; University of Oregon; Oregon Military Academy;

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon House of Representatives; Eugene City Council; Bethel School Board;

Pat Farr for City Council Ward 6
Proven Leadership for Bethel's Future

"Pat has always been there when Bethel needed him."
Val Hoyle, State Representative.

"Pat has done so much for Bethel. He's fought for our kids, jobs, parks and safer streets. He really cares." Joe Coelho,
Owner, Super HandyMan

Experience in building West Eugene

Pat has lived and worked in Bethel/Danebo for three decades. While raising his family he dedicated himself to building his community. Before serving he saw a community lacking in services. He worked with his neighbors to fix the problems. He helped plan and provide new schools, fire and police stations, a branch library, safer streets, parks, bike paths, shopping and jobs.

"Pat has proven himself a strong community leader, working with schools, government and businesses to make Bethel a better place to live." Paul Jorgensen, school board chair.

An eye for the future

Pat will devote himself to planning and building a working transportation system. He will further build partnerships with government and employers to attract jobs, recreation and shopping for his neighbors. He will use his experience and knowledge to strengthen public safety.

"Pat and I worked side by side to bring public safety, jobs and recreation to West Eugene. Eugene needs Pat's experience and leadership." Jim Torrey, former Eugene Mayor.

Sharing community values

Pat Farr knows what his neighbors value. He wants to see a more vibrant Bethel community with services that parallel the rest of Eugene. We have trusted Pat for years and can trust him for the future.

A sampling of Pat's Endorsements:

Former Eugene Mayors Jim Torrey, Jeff Miller, Brian Obie State Representative Val Hoyle
Local business owners Tom Poage, Joe Coelho, Bob Nyman
Mary Walston

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